Our services

Experience, professionality & Passion

We take charge over planning, organisation, selection and supervising of local and international staff for all types of events and presentations - worldwide.

Is that good enough for you? Not for us. Fantastic and successful events can only be organised with passion. It does not matter whether we work with Formula One, in a bank or whether we sell industrial products. An event has only success if it is not arbitrary replaceable like cheap wine. Your are not ordinary, your clients are not ordinary, so why should your event be ordinary?

We like to do more than only serve a purpose. We like to give that special to things which we all like to feel once in a while. Get convinced by our efficiency and the freshness of our ideas.

Services for events

  • Casting
  • Crew management
  • Team guidance
  • Shuttle Service
  • Logistics
  • Eventmanagement

Planning & Management

Superior service

  • Our job is not only about business and money. It is about perfection. It is about precision. And it is even more about passion and excitement. These keywords describe perfectly what you can expect from our work. Consistently and worldwide.